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What is Emotional Eating?

What is Emotional Eating?

New research published in Psychological Science found that people eat more junk food when the sports-team they are following, loses; Whereas when your team has victory you find yourself eating more healthily. Perhaps that’s why fast food giants advertise during games?

Club Physical Transformer Samantha (42) followed a similar pattern. She shared “My challenge with weight-gain began as a result of sadness and the anti-depressants my doctor prescribed when my husband cheated on me, leaving me as a single mum”

Then, as Samantha began to enjoy the routine and support of the group, she began to experience a sense of victory, friendship, and stress relief. This helped her to choose a healthier eating regime, and the subsequent outstanding results she experienced. “Cutting out the poor carbs and replacing this with lean protein.  This was a huge thing for me! I began feeling good inside” she admitted.

Samantha was able to reduce her waistline by 17.9cm and her doctor withdrew the anti-depressants.



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