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What is Strength?

Anyone can do it!


If you have the mind, focus and the persistence to do so, you can gain strength rapidly.

In fact, if you have never lifted a weight before, your strength increase will likely double within your first 4-8 weeks with some coaching and a good programme. Gains may not be as dramatic for athletes who have trained for several years.

Steve King , a former Personal Trainer at the club treated his weights programme as a scientific formula often using the strategy known as periodisation. As a New Zealand Champ and a competitive powerlifter he would test to discover the maximum he could lift in one discipline, such as the squat. Then over a period of weeks he might do ten repititions with 60% of his maximum weight, leading to ten reps with 70%, then maybe six reps with 75% and so on. There would be a proven formula to ensure he would become consistantly stronger and ready to compete and to WIN on the day.

Yet there are other kinds of strengths that you can develop through meeting life’s challenges head-on. Like the strength of determination and not giving up. You can build this strength by always turning up at the gym on the days your mind says ‘sit down….take it easy’. You can build your strength by developing self-discipline to avoid lashing out at your loved-ones with the anger of your tongue. Yes, the more you train your ‘persistence muscle’, the stronger you will become. And you will enjoy the benefits of this muscle in every area of your life. That becomes your advantage. That becomes your strength. Next time you lift a weight remember, you are training more than just your bicep. You are training your ‘persistence muscle’.



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