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What Makes A Good Life?

How do you think it would affect your life if you could see ahead NOW, to what would be the most important ingredients for your personal happiness? Recently a large group of millennials were asked what would make them happy. 80% said, “To become rich” and 50% also said “To become famous”. Eighty-six years ago, Harvard commenced what has become one of the longest enduring studies ever done. It tracked the lives of over 700 young men, taking detailed summaries of their goals, their health and backgrounds every two years.

In the delightful symphony of life, the “Happiness Study,” the insightful Robert Waldinger, serves as our whimsical guide to joy. Like a captivating TED Talk, Waldinger’s findings are the notes of laughter and love, composing a melody that resonates through the years. Forget the pursuit of elusive happiness; embrace the dance of connection, warmth, and purpose. So, dear readers, let’s throw confetti on stress, twirl in the garden of relationships, and revel in the delightful cadence of a life well-lived. Cheers to the happily-ever-afters we create each day!

Your family, your friends and the community you spend your time with looks likely to ‘trump’ money and fame. It appears that it’s your relationships that offer the elixir of true health and happiness after all. But don’t take my word for it, please do take a few minutes to see this important seminar.

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