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What Value Do You Place On Your Health?

Club Physical’s Chloe had a shock ‘market insight’ being among a group of fellow travellers surveyed last week. A luxury train company had sponsored Chloe to a week’s tour across Australia, while she reviewed the service for her travel channel. Apart from Club Physical’s Tina there were a-number of wealthy (older) Australian and American couples. The interviewer asked the group for feedback on the ‘cruises-ships’ they had experienced. They were asked which services and features they valued and what they felt they could do without.

Shockingly, for Tina and Chloe, the men present said that “The gym on the ship is a waist of space. We don’t use it”.  But for Tina and Chloe, the ship’s gyms would have been one of the biggest selling points. Tina and Chloe sat quietly and listened in amazement.

Interestingly, every one of the men surveyed, also sported heavily protruding beer-bellies.

The British Heart Association states that, for men, a waist circumference exceeding 94 to 102cm is a high cardiac risk. For women, exceeding 80 to 88cm is a high cardiac risk.

When queried about their food choices and nutrition, the same men appeared proud that they ‘didn’t care what they ate’.

Invariably, your health and the length, independence and quality of life, will resemble the value that you place in looking after your health and fitness. Hat’s off in respect to YOU who invests time and effort into your own wellness!

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