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What ‘value’ do you place on your life?


It was a very sad sight as I walked quietly through the rest-home, to see numbers of people in their 60’s, 70’s and 80s cemented to their chairs, lying back with mouths wide open. People not really aware that I nor any other visitor was present. And I couldn’t help but wonder, what value that had each placed on their health and their ability to physically invest time and effort into staying well during their younger years?

It’s a valid question having recently stood in a shopping centre to speak with passers-by about the opportunity to improve their health. A typical answer by those in the 60-90 age bracket, most walking with a crooked gait, a limp or walking frame was “Oh’ I don’t need that”.

The entire reason Club Physical exists is that YOU CAN positively effect, manage and create your health outcome. You invest modest time and effort and by comparison, an incredibly small amount of money. The highest amount at present is $19.99 a week. And with that you can now also give a membership to a second person FREE, seven day a week access!

Reflect for a moment on the average cost of one NZ dental check-up – $120, one packet of cigarettes – $40, a 24 pack of Steinlager – $45, ten minutes with a chiropractor – $60, a 500 gram steak – $27,  or health insurance for just one month $121.

What value do you see in your health right now and in your later years?  Do you see yourself still fully capable and enjoying your life, perhaps like 90 year old water-skiing grandmother, Millie Sullens …….Or affixed to a chair, lying back, mouth wide open in a rest home?

What value do you place on your life, your health?

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