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What would be a good gym routine?

You will certainly become more of an athlete by working out regularly, but if you’ve haven’t been exercising and you desperately want to adopt a wellness lifestyle, here’s an example of a weekly plan.

Join an exercise class and enjoy the motivation and leadership of the instructor, along with the positive company of others.

The benefits include, heart-health, inspiration, perspiration, guidance and ‘friendship’ – vital for good health and a long life.

Come in for a ten minute cardio warm-up followed by 20-30 minutes structured full body weight-training programme. The a 5 minute stretch.

The benefits include heart-health, overall body tone and strength, mental calm and clarity. A session with a Trainer would help.

An exercise class, try different styles of class to keep things fresh or 20 minutes in the cardio gym and a shower and sauna

Repeat Tuesday. Every 4th visit start increasing your weights just a little bit and feel the satisfaction. Keep good exercise posture and form. Introduce a couple of core exercises.

An exercise class, or a 45 minute walk or 20 minute run

An exercise class and a shower and sauna, or cardio workout, or bike ride or swim

Your day of rest. Walking is fine

Aim firstly to ‘enjoy the movement’. Don’t think of it as ‘exercise’. Instead be happy that you can use your body and be among others.

That’s HALF of the plan. If you want results you’ll need to throw all the junk food from your fridge and fill it with lean protein (like fish or tofu) and plenty of salad ingredients, fruit and veges. You don’t need to ever go hungry, just eat wisely – as much as six small meals a day!

This is very brief and just a basic guideline that you could immediately follow. Hope it helps!

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