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When did you last take a shot?


Lets get real. Failure is a human certainty. But you can’t take new ground – make new headway – discover new innovations – open new businesses – strive for new goals, without failure. Auckland leader Paul De Jong says “The definition of failure is valuable lessons embraced by champions’”. You’ve got to be prepared to have a go!

One famous American baseball player was being paid $US20 million a year. His successful hits averaged 1:36. That means for every hit, he missed two others. And yet he was known as the BEST. The thing is that if you are so scared of failure that you neglect to even ‘take a shot’ you will never enjoy the taste of success.

Another caution is that as you ‘mature’ there might be a tendency to restrain your entrepreneur tendencies for fear of risking what you have. In doing so, you will stunt your growth. You stop short of what you are capable of. “Fear of failure is one of our greatest failures.” Says Paul. “Why play it safe? Failure is not failing to reach our dreams, but not risking ALL to have one”.


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