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When is the best time for you to make a decision?


Regular exercise is a wise way to help maintain brain-health. Exercise provides a nourishing environment for the growth of brain cells and keeps you mentally sharp.

Most of us think more clearly at various times of the week and the day. One leading business coach recommends keeping all important decisions for the time and day that you know you will be fully alert. He shares the incredible example discovered during a study of a prisoner parole board in USA.  The board would typically meet to make decisions on up to eleven hundred prisoners in just one day.

The outcome was staggering once realized. Researchers found that of the applications for parole reviewed in the morning, 70% would get approved. But after lunch with the build-up of stress and decision fatigue, the chance for a prisoner’s parole getting approved would drop to a mere 10%!

In summary, your mental performance is extremely impacted by how switched on and aware you are. Exercise is a very powerful strategy to maintain a higher level of mental performance. But if you are making important, life-changing decisions, you’re better to schedule these for when you are typically, at your best.


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