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When one step forward isn’t enough


Turia Pitt suffered burns to 60% of her body while attempting a one hundred kilometre ultra-marathon in the Australian outback, when trapped by a sudden bush fire. Turia shared her heart-wrenching story with us last week at the Sydney FILEX Convention. She described the immense pain of recovery; of being unable to breathe on her own and of the horrible burning sensation with each breathe when she could.

While still in her hospital bed, at a time when to most it would have looked impossible, Turia began to dream of once again being able to compete in an ultra-marathon. She has had numerous days in pain and self-doubt. But Turia instead challenges YOU and I to dream BIG and to step out of your comfort zone.

Turia was invited to attend a seminar with the infamous Tony Robins. During the event attendees were asked to walk across a bed of red hot coals. As you might imagine Turia bolted for the door. Yet, as a measure of her tenacious character, Turia was able to be coaxed back and coached to undertake the formidable task.  She said, with the burning coals you immediately realise that   just one step forward will place you in diabolic danger. Once you start, you’ve got to keep moving forward. One step just isn’t enough.

Turia completed New Zealand’s own Coast to Coast this year!


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