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When You Lose Your Cool, You Lose!

‘If you lose your temper, you lose your worth.’ That’s a quote from Martial Arts icon Chuck Norris in his new book – The Secret Power Within.

When I look back on my own life as a husband, father, gym operator, son and friend and reflect on any moments where I have briefly ‘lost my temper’, there is not even one occasion I could say I was proud of myself. Almost always, within minutes, I felt stupid and ashamed. But as you may have found yourself, one of the priceless bi-products of the ‘gym-workout’ is immediate stress relief and mental calm.

Chuck recalled a new Black Belt on his team, John Natividad who was scheduled to fight the current World Champion, Joe Lewis (pictured). This was formidable enough, but Joe came on like ‘gangbusters, hitting John hard and often. “I could see that John was getting angry, and during a break I told him to let it go” warned Chuck. “I said, you can’t afford to get angry, or you’ll lose. Anger is self-defeating. Clear your mind of anger and concentrate on why you are here”.

Chuck went on to say that as a result, John did let the anger go and went on to win the match.

Think about the times in your own life that you’ve allowed anger to take control. Do you think you gained ‘respect’ from those around you, or did you come away feeling small. Most times, self-control, patience, and maturity will be the real winners for you.  Next time you find yourself in that position, take a deep breath and walk away.

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