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Where to from here?


Knowing exactly where to place your energies and focus in life is one of the great mysteries of all time. Unlike a franchise system, life doesn’t come with a step by step manual – perhaps the closest thing to this is the Bible. But even then, it is up to us to make our own decisions and to make ‘the next move’…

The World around us is changing at a rapid pace and to keep up with the trends, those of us who have a few years under our belts have an increased need to exercise in order to remain mentally sharp. What we know from the exercise perspective is that the World Health Report has disclosed New Zealand as being the worst developed country for ‘inactivity’ and 14th worst Worldwide. The positive challenge for Club Physical is that there is a massive opportunity to reach out to the hundreds of thousands who are poised, ready to start exercising, but sitting on the fence. You may notice some changes in our focus in an effort to make the clubs more inviting, less intimidating.

You and I have witnessed an enormous surge of interest in caring for the planet. Two years ago we wouldn’t have imagined the furore over plastic bags. Suddenly people are looking at many aspects of life with new lenses. The three month old Netflix documentary Game Changers has already had an incredible impact on society, one that we have not seen before.

Life is uncertain and it pays to be ready. No one could have foretold lives ending so rapidly with a volcanic eruption while enjoying the cruise-ship Ovation of the Sea. And now we enter the season of celebration and of goal setting with renewed optimism for the coming year, 2020. I encourage you to set written goals. To extend yourself and strive for more, in multiple areas of LIFE. We only get one chance here on earth. Let’s do it well and give it all.

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