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Who’s watching YOU?

Someone is watching you and emulating everything you say and do. It could be your little boy or girl, or it could be your team at work. Role modelling is a vital ‘role’ in life and whether you know it or not, you’re doing it.

Sociologists estimate that even an introvert will influence up to 10,000 people during their lives. Other experts believe that the average person will meet up to 80,000 people. And some people, like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and even Bill Gates and Henry Ford have been able to influence the entire world.

Today ‘influencers’ (who have integrity) have been in hot demand by organisations wishing to gain ‘followers.  As an influencer, you become your own ‘brand’ and what you do, say and how an act can build or reduce your followers. People are watching and emulating you. With a large chain of health-Clubs we developed the mantra, ‘the speed of club is the speed of the manager’.  In the past, we noticed that when a Manager was slow to act, the team would be also. The reverse was also true. An onto it ‘switched’ on Manager (Like Vin, Claudia and Brahm) would create that same vibe within the club.

Our children are listening, learning and modelling us influencing their own future behaviour. Our recently deceased member, Faatai VENU had a strong influence on the health and fitness of his family. The photo above shows how VENU created a life-long passion for his three sons. Who are YOU influencing today?

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