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Whose responsibility is your health?

The government?!


The number of Kiwi stroke sufferers is predicted to balloon by a massive 40% within the next ten years. In a June 22nd 2018 NZ Herald article by Jamie Morton; this will affect over 10,000 New Zealanders a year, and is put down in part, to our countries ‘aging population’. The annual cost is estimated to be $700 million. The Stroke Foundation CEO Mark Vivian said “Three quarters of strokes can be avoided by following a healthy lifestyle. But the government must do and spend more to help Kiwis reduce their stroke risk.”


Really? Is it really the Governments responsibility to try and persuade non-exercisers to get off the couch? Tina and I have had our own eyes opened recently. Over the last two weeks we have stood in local shopping malls inviting passers by, both young and old if they would like a FREE trial visit to experience YOGA, PILATES and a Sauna. The most common replies from the over 60’s generation are “I’m to old for that”, “No, it doesn’t interest me” , “I don’t need it”.


Just as there remain many thousands of people who continue to smoke and to drink excessively even though the dangers are well publicized, is our government really to blame if those around you prefer to ignore the value of regular exercise and eating healthily. Or should we each be totally responsible for our own health outcome?


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