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Why exercise between-jobs


Have recent changes in society caused you to work fewer hours or perhaps even become redundant? Here are three ways that maintaining your exercise routine will help you stay on-top;

(1) Avoid stress and fatigue; Scrolling jobs for endless hours until you’re brain dead and blurry-eyed won’t help your situation. Before this happens, it’d be wise to take a stress-busting workout break and allow those feel-good hormones to kick-in!

(2) Increase your productivity; Make the most on your job-search time with greater ENERGY with your mind clear and mentally sharp. Exercise increases the blood flow to your brain, keeping you fresh and mentally alert.

(3) Boosts your confidence; From personal experience, rejections during job-hunting can beat your self-esteem down like a pile-driver. Whereas, a work-out will build your confidence and refresh your posture at a time when it’s important to make that vital first impression.

Keep fit, active, and positive during job hunting by continuing to prioritize your daily work-out.


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