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Why ‘Exercise is Medicine’


Long term member ‘Durga’ is 75 years young and proud of the results he has had by working out regularly.  Durga told us today that he firmly believes that “EXERCISE IS MEDICINE”!

Durga has led a fascinating life of wide contrasts. In 2012 he was NZ fishing Champ and then represented us overseas. He worked for large insurance companies for 30 years, winning awards.

The fact that Durga’s youngest child is fifteen helps to keep him young at heart.
Durga is an expert in music and began an organisation teaching music some time ago, still actively teaching in many institutions.  He said that allot of his success is down to his ability to build relationships.  Make sure you DO say HI when you spot him at the club.

If YOU share a similar belief that Exercise is Medicine, you might already be aware that regular exercise;


  1. Improves your memory and brain function (all age groups).
  2. Protects you against many chronic diseases.
  3. Helps you manage your weight
  4. Lowers your blood pressure and improves your heart health.
  5. Improve your quality of sleep.
  6. Reduce your feelings of anxiety and depression.
  7. Will combat cancer-related fatigue.
  8. Improves your joint pain and stiffness.
  9. Maintain your muscle strength and balance.
  10. Increase your life span.


Every member of Club Physical is dear and important to us. The message today is to share Durga’s inspirational legacy by exercising regularly and staying well.


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