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Why is Club Physical involved with combatting Human Trafficking?


In 2017 Club Physical directors, Tina and Paul Richards accepted an invitation by TEAR Fund to travel to Bangkok and witness the first hand positive action of fellow New Zealanders combatting human trafficking.

“Some of what we did there was quite risky. One night we were involved in the mock tracking of ‘traffickers’ in the depths of the actual districts this was happening. There we witnessed real-life situations and scores of girls being used for criminal gain. On the days in between we were able to interview ex-NZ Police, Ex-NZ Army, NZ Lawyers and others who have dedicated their lives to this important cause.”

The movie ‘TAKEN’ with Liam Neeson shows a graphic example of what really is happening to many women, girls and children in our society.  Human Trafficking is the World’s second largest criminal enterprise!

  1. Trafficking involves forced labour, marriage, prostitution and even organ removal!
  2. It’s estimated that up to 40 million people are in modern day slavery
  3. It’s also estimated that only .04% of survivors are identified – most undetected
  4. Earns the criminal organisations behind them profits of approx. $150 billion
  5. Globally 71% are women and girls
  6. It’s estimated 50,000 people are trafficked into USA each year, most from Mexico or the Philippines
  7. In 2018 51.6% of Human Trafficking cases in the US were children
  8. Reports indicate a large number of child sex trafficking survivors were at one time in the foster care system
  9. There is a growing trend for traffickers using social media to lure targets
  10. The ‘average’ teen entering the sex trade in the US is 12-14 years old. Many are runaway victims of sexual abuse as children

Since being introduced to this cause Club Physical has allocated a portion of its profits each week to TEAR Fund. In addition, the business regularly operates promotional campaigns that help invest funds into this. In 2018 Club Physical was told that as a result of its input, FIFTY girls were rescued that year.

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