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Why not reward your effort

Aside from any ‘Challenge’ or prizes you might win as a result of your physical efforts to stay fit, the real prize is always ‘inside’ – A healthier, fitter body with a stronger immune system. It’s well known that a person with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity are far more at risk of a severe COVID reaction. In fact, a Californian study this year found that inactive people were more than twice as likely to be hospitalized – Report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

“The main take-home message,” says Dr. Robert Sallis “is that physical activity is the biggest modifiable risk factor for severe COVID outcomes.”

The NZ Herald last week wrote that many Kiwis are experiencing increased wide-ranging anxieties and what they called, ‘lockdown fatigue’. Some families with small children who have less to no work are suffering and small business owners who provide most of the employment in New Zealand are under huge mental and financial pressure from the enforced lockdowns. “This will likely create immeasurable lock-term damage to livelihoods, employment, and the economy,” wrote Margaret Whitehead, Professor of public health, the UK in February.

So, here’s the thought. At the time of writing 78% of Kiwis have had their first vaccination. Why not create the PASSPORT. Make this ‘Passport’ not just a record of having a vaccine, but one that recognizes YOUR PERSONAL EFFORTS in staying ‘WELL’. After all, don’t both of these scenarios lead to stronger immunity and a greatly decreased risk of hospitalization? Surely both avenues should be REWARDED with renewed freedom?

Does this sound impossible? Over the last two years, Club Physical has regularly invited members to check their individual physical condition resulting in a simple score via a Body Scan system.

Receiving a body ‘SCORE’ takes about the same time as vaccination and costs less to administer. That ‘score’ would give a good guide of either ‘wellness or risk’ to be used by authorities as deemed wise. Then OPEN UP THOSE BORDERS.


Just an idea. Your thoughts?

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