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Why Quitters Don’t Get ‘Results’

Club Physical’s 12-Week Transformation Challenge starts on Monday 12th February (one week away). Historically, some people will achieve lifesaving ‘results’. While others will quit before enjoying getting there. For those who stick-with-it, the life-value is priceless. But for those who give-up, well, they might not realise their full potential.

Success in any endeavour requires resilience, determination, and stickability. It’s as much as a mental thing as it is physical. That’s why we complete the 12-weeks as a group. When you read the individual testimonies afterwards you quickly see that it’s both the CP Team and the other members that get you through. The first couple of weeks are often the hardest. That’s because you’re doing things you’re not used to. And you’re gaining valuable new healthy lifestyle disciplines.

You can no longer be a ‘quitter’ and expect results. If you enrol, you’ve got to be prepared not-to-think. Just do. Put one foot in front of the other and step ahead. Not only will your body be changing, but you will be powering-up your mind!

“As with many mums I found myself 20kgs heavier after having children. Then later I spent a gruelling time in hospital when there were major complications after my gallbladder was removed due to a poor diet and zero exercise. My cholesterol was 5.6 with hereditary heart disease on both sides of the family. My life changed when I met the Personal Trainer at Club Physical. Without his enthusiasm, knowledge and support I would still be a couch-potato waiting for my heart to finally suffer its fate. My cholesterol has come down to 3.2. Ben and the team have truly saved my life!”   Amanda (top left) reduced her waistline 11cms and her Blood pressure by 12 points.

“I had settled nicely into the role of ‘mother’ and cooked huge meals for my family every night. Then I’d overeat by also consuming the kids ‘left-overs’. Then after looking through some old photos I was devastated to realise how BIG I had become. I couldn’t bare to gain another kilo. I was encouraged to ‘take the plunge’ and to enrol in Club Physical’s 12-Week Transformation and I’ve never looked back. These days I ‘enjoy’ the food I eat AND love to workout. I don’t even care about how much I way anymore. All I know is that I feel amazing!”  Rhonda (top right) reduced her waistline 20cm’s and her blood-pressure by 15 points.

Whatever your own dreams and hurdles might be, this message might be the challenge you personally need to get yourself moving. The year 2024 can be the year you EXCEL!

Whatever you decide to do, make the decision to see it through no matter what.  And if it’s the 12-Week Transformation you’re looking for, make the commitment and register this week.

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