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Will your car outlast you?


You might have seen some guys who spend more money, time and effort polishing and maintaining their car, than they do on their own health. They make sure their cars have the right fuel, tread on the tires, they polish, tune the engine, top up oil and coolant, they titivate, update, paint, chrome, chop, drop and compare cars with others and even join car clubs and display them in a show. Yet their own body may not be looking and feeling all that great. Yes, there are some cars, especially hot-rods that will still be around, being polished and titivated by another well after you’ve gone.


Your car may indeed fly successfully through the next Warrant of Fitness. But would you?


What about putting the right fuel in your own body, ensuring that you haven’t got too much ‘pressure’ and that stress is released in the gym, that you are maintaining flexibility and lower back strength to deal successfully with the loads of life, that your heart has a strong rhythm so your family will continue to have the benefit of your presence, that your skin has a healthy glow and that you lead by example. After all, without your health you have nothing.



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