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You need to get your fight on!


In 1996 Tina and I sat in the audience at the San Francisco Convention Centre as the US Surgeon General announced a statement that was a game-changer at the time. The message was ‘Lack of exercise has a greater impact on your health than the top cardiac risk factors all together’.

That is, not exercising is more dangerous to your health than high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, smoking AND physical inactivity combined! Yet the benefits of exercise aren’t limited to just this. The benefits are numerous. Once you have studied a little you quickly realise that ‘working out’ is the Super Drug of the century. For the next three weeks we’re highlighting one of these benefits each day at 5pm on the Club Physical Facebook.

It has to be said that we truly admire every one of YOU who do exercise regularly. You not only strengthen your immune system, you provide a valuable leadership example for your workmates and for your family.

If by chance you need any further motivation let me finish with the stirring words of Pastor Helen Burns in Auckland last week “You need to get your fight on!”


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