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You want in NOW!

As the many mums at Club Physical will attest, babies don’t know any better. When they’re hungry, they cry. They want it NOW!

Patience is a quality of character built over time. You may not realise it, but patience is a sign of maturity. Patience begins with how you view things. When you’re impatient, you have a narrow perspective. All you see is yourself. You see your needs, your goals, your schedule, your desires and the way that people are messing up your life. Basically, the root of impatience is selfishness. If YOU have been told that you are impatient, maybe this is the wake-up call you need?

Try to see things from others point of view. This is a key factor in the World-famous Dale Carnegie courses – How to Win Friends and Influence People. If you want to succeed in your marriage, learn to see life from your partners point of view. If you want to succeed as a parent, learn to see things from your child’s point of view. If you want to succeed in business, learn to see things from your customers point of view. This is also important in marketing.

Yes, these days, nothing is fast enough. The long lines, lost keys, late planes, phone calls, cold food, flat tyres, slow internet, slow traffic lights, occupied bathrooms, traffic jams – the list is endless. But could it be that YOU and I need to develop our patience muscle?

Similarly, the results you want when you join the gym won’t come over-night. Once you realise this, you’ll need to develop the self-discipline to accept improvements in small increments. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. You’ll soon see that while you develop your fitness, strength and tone, you’ll simultaneously be developing your tenacity, maturity and patience. Good things come to those who don’t give-up.The next time you sense your blood pressure rising and your anger beginning to boil because someone or some ‘thing’ isn’t fast enough. Stop. Think. It’s not ALL about YOU. Patience is a quality of character development and a sign of maturity.

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