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The teacher appointed opposing team captains and asked them each to select, one by one, the kids from your class who they wanted to be on their side. The most athletic kids were chosen first. You stood there quietly, heart pounding, hoping that you would be chosen next. With each subsequent choice, you were still waiting with your anxiety growing.

I’ve been in that situation and know how embarrassing it can feel.

Experiences like this are common and can cause you to arrive at the notion that you would be better to avoid sports, avoid exercise and instead to remain in the safety of your comfort zone.  Yet, your fitness level drops further and you pack on the kilos over time. Later in life you  begin to realise how vital fitness is to good health, but internally you fear feeling out-of-place. You fear failure, so why even start.

The GOOD NEWS is that it’s a New Year representing new beginnings. No one on this planet has ever lived in 2020 before. This is your opportunity to wipe the slate clean with the thoughts and fears of yesterday; to take a deep breath, shoulders down, chest and head up and to step forward to a brighter, happier YOU.

When YOU walk into Club Physical, you will be considered FIRST. You no longer need to stand in line wondering if you will be chosen. You HAVE been chosen. The only competition is your own thoughts.  This is YOUR chance to take command. 2020 is your year to excel.  Claim your right to feel great, no matter what your size or shape!


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