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Your body or your boat….


This may not be the kind of choice you need to make and it’s true that we do love our boating in New Zealand.

But the news is that our Kiwi lockdown has created a few booming industries. Real-estate, hunting and fishing, new kitchens, and yes, buying your own boat.

We can’t skip over and holiday in Fiji or Surfers Paradise, so instead, our leisure dollars are going internal.  And some, even ends up with the help of a few beers, around the waist.

Our point today is a simple reminder you have to ‘alive and kicking’ to continue to enjoy the trappings of a good life.

For that to happen, it usually means that a wise person will splice a spot of physical activity into their daily calendar. For a healthy heart, you need to enjoy 20-30 minutes of medium to high-intensity cardiovascular activity a day.

For a strong, toned body, with reduced backache, better posture and to experience good sleep at night, partake in 2-3 weight sessions a week.  You’ll have a faster metabolism, burn fat for energy, and be a lot less likely to die of cancer.

The reward in doing this is, you will be around to enjoy your boat and your family, for many years to come.  Now tell me again, what’s your priority……. your body or your boat?


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