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Gorillas: The entire population could be lost by 2054 unless urgent action is taken

Separated only by a sheet of glass, Tina admires Paul Donn, a 250kg Gorilla at San Diego Zoo. Tina, a forever passionate animal lover, has been contributing to Whisper (now World Animal Protection) for many years. Not even a spider will be squashed in our home, with the family under strict orders to gently place them on a leaf outside.

We need this type of passion to ‘catch-on’. Not only do YOU need to put extra effort into protecting your own health as society’s need for ‘movement’ diminishes, so do we now need to fight for the health of our planet, our animals and even our insects.

Far from the gorilla monsters depicted in some movies, the gorilla is largely a peaceful vegetarian, although far stronger than any human. Each small group of gorillas has a leader to protect them, in this case Paul Donn.

The Gorilla population is under extreme threat. This has come about through people hunting to ‘eat them’, and through de-forestation.

Before you think that it’s just affecting wild-life, scientists now tell us that deforestation is having a greater impact on climate change than all cars, planes, ships and trains COMBINED. Further, 90% of logging is happening illegally!

It’s important that we are all aware of the need for action – after all, its’ your health, your people, your planet and together, our purpose. Thank you for caring.



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