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For scores of years, we’ve consumed business and household products without concern for the blossoming ‘landfills’, constantly and hungrily seeking more ground. We’ve depended upon and become proud of New Zealand’s massive meat and dairy production, boosting our herds without thought to both the huge landmass needed for cattle, or for the long-term effect of methane gas. And by virtue of observation, we can witness the exploding pollution created by both factories and cars in Countries like China.

By wanting everything ‘NOW’ without thought of the future, as part of this giant machine, we are now starting to experience the consequences.
Insects like the Weta and animals on the verge of extinction, glaciers melting, and ski fields without snow. I write this while sitting in ‘winter surroundings’ in Auckland where we have so far in the peak of summer, witnessed more wind and rain than sun.

This is the consequence of short-term thinking. It’s a similar kind of thinking that encourages you and me to drink, smoke, and take drugs without thought of the long-term effect on your body and brain. Or to consume excessive sugar, salt, wine, ice cream, chocolate, and takeaways, not caring about the expanding waistline and the subsequent risk to your health. You may not care now, but repairing the end result is never a quick answer and takes considerable effort.

Businesses should now be accountable to innovate and develop biodegradable products and consumables with the full cycle planned out. To avoid the landfills, instead, become an alternative use. And humans could also become more aware of the consequences of short-term consumption, gaining the vision and self-discipline to eat with a long, healthy future in mind.

Our hearts and thoughts are with any members affected by the torrents of water and flooding just experienced.
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