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You’re Alive NOW, Enjoy It!

Thank goodness it’s human nature to always strive to improve, to grow, to learn more. Yes, maybe not for some, but for most. Without this drive, humans would never have made the billions of inventions and discoveries that make up this modern-day world. In fact, even those who criticise and belittle others who lead companies and developed businesses will be sitting in chairs, eating from plates, turning on lights and driving cars in initiated by the marathon effects and risks of one person, who made a discovery, developed a business, formed a team and made a company.

It’s good to want progress. But there is a trap that many of us fall into. It’s the ‘I’ll be happy when………..’ trap. By delaying your full enjoyment of life until some future date you are robbing yourself of the joy of life you can be experiencing NOW. As an example, many of us spend at least 40 hours a week in our employment. King Solomon wrote ‘There is nothing better for people than to be happy in their work’. Surely, if you cannot find satisfaction in your everyday occupation, something needs to change.

Begin NOW to think about what YOU can do to find more joy in every experience. The present moment, more than ever in 2023, is all that you’re guaranteed. So don’t wait until later. Until you finish school. Until you finish University. Until you get married, retire, until next weekend, when you go on holiday, or until your children finish university to enjoy YOUR life. No one knows what will happen next in their lives or in the world. YOU are alive NOW, so maximise it, embrace it and celebrate it right NOW.

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