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80% of success is just showing up!


Did you show up at the gym today? Just showing up means that you’re 80% of your way to a great workout. The hardest part – fighting with yourself, getting dressed in workout gear, dealing with traffic and the worry that you might experience ‘discomfort’, is over. Now all that’s left is your workout. The rest seems pretty straight forward, doesn’t it?


Stuart and Chris (pictured) are two members who have excelled at ‘just showing up’. In fact they have been showing up for YOGA, STEP and FLEX classes at both Te Atatu AND Birkenhead clubs rain, hail, shine since 2004.  Little wonder why they both enjoy abundant health! It’s true, showing up becomes allot easier with a friend and even better with a class to attend or an appointment with a Trainer.


So to increase your chances of success by 80% this week, make a commitment to just show up!

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