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Exercise and mental health


Rock icon Jimmy Barnes admitted to New Zealanders on Friday that ‘exercise’ is his key coping mechanism to deal with the high expectations placed upon him. “When I feel the need I go for a workout,” told Jimmy on a Rock Radio interview.

By now the term ‘runners high’ is well-known, proven, and experienced by many. Certainly, by the time you have completed a session your endorphins are racing, provide will provide you with the true ultimate ‘natural high’!  Anxiety is decreased or removed altogether while your self-esteem begins to soar.  Recent studies have shown that those who exercise for an average of 30 to 60 minutes daily actually enjoy the biggest reduction in ‘mental health days off work.

But what type of exercise delivers the biggest positive results? Researchers have found that workouts completed in teams or groups lead to the biggest reduction in poor mental health. In short, the mere fact that you exercise regularly does wonder’s for your sense of wellbeing.

Even better, do it ‘together for peak results. It’s clear we need each other to be our best!
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For a brief YOUTUBE review on the Benefits of Exercise for mental health


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