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Who is the Boss of YOU?


Tina and I have been pounding the pavement this week meeting workers and business owners. While many are extremely positive, one young lady with an unfortunate demeaner and in sole charge of a shop in Birkenhead replied “My body doesn’t like exercise”. Then the lady in the very next shop also replied “I don’t like exercise”. Admittedly, often there are deep seated reasons and past experiences that have created these thoughts and attitudes. But the more you repeat a statement like that to yourself, the more it becomes ingrained as a self ‘belief’.
Actually a study was completed two years ago finding that the words ‘exercise’ and ‘fitness’ can often put people off who haven’t yet garnered the enjoyment and discipline of regular workouts. The recommendation given was to forget these words and to instead focus on the ‘fun’, the ‘movement’, the ‘atmosphere’ and the ‘people’ around you. The results will then happen as a bi-product. This is why GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES are so consistently popular. ALL of these key ingredients are in the mix at a predictable time and with a motivating instructor.
You and I are forever experiencing thoughts of many kinds. Some can grow you beyond your wildest imagination. Some will cut your dreams off at the knees.  If you ever find your mind telling you “My body doesn’t want to exercise”, remember who’s in charge. Instead, go for the enjoyment of the movement, the people and the friends.  In all my years around multitudes of people working out, I’ve never heard anyone say “I wish I hadn’t worked-out today”. You will ALWAYS feel good after.


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