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Out of your comfort zone

The Club Physical Team had the privilege of attending a lecture by Paul Taylor of The Mind, Body, Brain Institute at FILEX in Sydney. An extremely dynamic speaker, Paul is currently authoring

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The Real Booster

Over the last two years you’ve experienced the constant bombardment of conflicting information. You might have experienced social isolation and anxiety around possible disease contraction.

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On Common Ground

  Years ago after travelling to the FILEX Fitness Convention in Sydney, we took 2-3 extra days to unwind in the Blue Mountains. That time and experience

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The Muscle between your ears

Did you know that working-out combats depression? A study by UC Davies Health System discovered that exercise on a stationary bike (to a heart rate of 85% of predicted

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Are you in “Balance?”

  If you’re like most people, you’ll have a good idea of your current bank ‘balance’. But did you know that a decline in your ‘physical

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