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Living in the ‘Now’

Some years ago, a seminar presenter coined the term ‘Presenteeism’. He was referring to whether members of an audience were fully engaged with the moment,

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Early Birds Get The Edge

Admittedly, not everyone is able to fit an early workout into their day. And of course, any exercise you do will pay healthy dividends. Personally,

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How often should you rest?

Every day we see hundreds of highly motivated ‘athletes’ visit the gym. If you are a regular, you are to be congratulated for having overcome

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A Royal Flush

Earlier this week at a Club Physical founded TOASTMASTERS meeting I was given the instant speech topic of ‘The Queen’. The concept of these ‘Table

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take your medicine

Staying Alive!

As a Kiwi you have double the likelihood of dying from ‘lack of exercise’ than you do of COVID according to the NZ College of Public Health. So far September

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Eighty-seven days to summer!

This ad made Charles Atlas famous. The beach bully kicks sand in the skinny guy’s face, embarrassing him in front of his girl. Right now, does the

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Surprise lesson from London

  “Hey Dad, I just realized those two are the first overweight people I’ve seen here” … innocently came a comment from our daughter/Personal trainer –

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