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Red means ‘GO’!

Were YOU one of the more than forty members who zoomed into the club ‘in person’ in the first two hours at Birkenhead on Friday? The clubs

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Getting on with life

You could look upon the situation we’re all in today as being challenging and exciting. None of us knows the outcome. And if you direct your mind-muscle

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Fear vs Hope

Last week our wonderful Club Physical Team completed ‘Wellness Calls’ to a whopping one thousand and forty-five members. While many were positive, a proportion expressed

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Why not reward your effort

Aside from any ‘Challenge’ or prizes you might win as a result of your physical efforts to stay fit, the real prize is always ‘inside’ – A

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Rising precedes shining!

‘Wishing’ you were stronger, fitter, slimmer, more agile, could enjoy better health and wake-up refreshed? Most satisfying and fulfilling achievements in life take effort.  So

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Train your body and your mind

When famous icon Norman Vincent Peale spoke years ago in Auckland’s Aotea Centre, I was fascinated and riveted to his every word. Early in life, I developed

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Looking for what you CAN do

In the gripping true account of the life of American Olympic runner, Louis Zamperini, we were taken to the crash-landing of their plane. Marooned on

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Choose your own headline

Last week a guy called the Rock Radio Station to share an experience he had just had. The young man was feeling down about the Lockdown and

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The cup is half FULL

Every day YOU get to decide on your attitude. On Tuesday the goal-posts suddenly changed and it will have been a shock to some. No

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Who’s watching YOU?

Someone is watching you and emulating everything you say and do. It could be your little boy or girl, or it could be your team

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