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Who Needs To Exercise?

Would a builder benefit by going to the gym? Can excessive ‘sitting’ in a job contribute to ill-health? What are the implications of lack of

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The Secrets of a Long Life

Since the age of 25 I became captivated with the concept that YOU can determine how long you live with exercise, nutrition, and ‘community’. I

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The Cost of ‘LIVING’

If you are enjoying a very good state of WELLNESS, the probability is that you purposefully invest both your time and money into this quest.

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How Good Is Your Vision?

AMBUSH, who train rigorously at the club had a very clear goal. ‘To qualify at the New Zealand HIP HOP Championship to enter ‘the World

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Never Quit!

Robert O’Neill, member of Seal Team Six, America’s most elite soldiers from the US Navy Seals, shot Osama Bin Laden – the leader responsible for

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